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Posted by rezpector - - 3 comments

Search engine spiders crawl indexed websites on a regular basis. They use the content on your site as well as other factors to help conclude when your website will be listed in the search results. This is why keyword use is such an important factor in search engine optimization.
According to many experts, keyword use in your title tag is the most important area to place the keywords you want to target. For example, if you are selling purple ceramic frogs, you would want to include that somewhere in the title of your website.

The second most important place to use keywords would be in the body text itself. Using the same example as above, if you want to sell purple ceramic frogs, you should have some type of content about them within the content. You will have a hard time finding targeted traffic to your site for that if your main body content is about World War II.

For the third most important factor, you should be using your keyword somehow within your header tag. Search engines use these headers as ways to find the overall structure and topic of the website much like your title tag. You should certainly be using these tags in your website and including your keyword(s) in them when possible.
Although there is a lot of debate on the fourth most important factor, I tend to believe it is quite important to have the keyword in your domain name. Again, the same example, if you want to sell purple ceramic frogs then something with ceramic frogs would be ideal for the domain name. This will be easier for the search engine to pick up on for web searches on your keywords.

The fifth most important factor in keyword usage would have to be in the URL. Essentially, if you want to target a different group of people for a separate page on your website, then you should consider using those keywords in the URL. [http://www.example.com/2907842.html] does not do anything for the search engines. [http://www.example.com/purple-ceramic-frogs.html] is much more helpful to the search engine spiders.
Essentially what it boils down to is you want to put your target keywords in almost every place you can while keeping the content readable. There is talk that keyword stuffing will actually hurt your rankings. You want to be sure that your content is readable and avoid typing unnaturally but still place the keywords in your content when it makes sense.

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Travis Tracy is President of TT Enterprises: TravSolutions.com, an affordable ecommerce web hosting company that is looking to show eager people the way to online success.

3 Responses so far.

  1. hay.
    blog kamu bagus.
    saya tunggu kunjungan dan comment backnya yah.


  2. yoghi says:

    blognya menarik tmn
    jgn lp dtg balik ya

  3. Vrondzer says:

    nice info om.
    Berarti harus pandai masukin header tagnya supaya SEOnya bagus ya.

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