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Posted by rezpector - - 14 comments

Does the Google Sandbox effect it?

Google Sandbox effect or easy to understand his language was a punishment that is given by Google for a domain or URL of a website / blog.

More detailed explanation is about a newly registered domain names in the Internet world with the changes done by the owner so that the domain makes it a high ranking drastically or very fast, this is google think there are symptoms that are not reasonable after observation with an indication -certain indications how to rank web pages in the index.
Google's ranking algorithms to perform calculations to improve the position of a web page to perform a screening to prevent having an impact which is not good "example spam".

Google sanbox is usually associated with the age of a website / blog and competitiveness of the keywords in the fighting to be used in the link.

Google Sandbox effect refers to a set of filters with anti-spam purposes is often done by some parties. Spam is usually done because it links the drive to optimize the search engine to manipulate the rankings of a web page by making a lot of inbound links to new web site from other web sites they have (backlinks).

Sanctions given by Google for entering into the sandbox is a dramatic reduction in rank on the SERP and can not be indexed by google alias deindex. This is because Google is holding the web until it can be proved the feasibility of the page gets a good ranking.

Then how do I know if a domain or site exposed to the Google Sandbox?

The trick is through google site (www.google.com or www.google.co.id) and then by adding in front of the domain names with the word "site:" (without the quotes). for example in the search engine type site google.co.id: www.rezpector.co.id then see the results ... if still indexed and google displays the contents page of your blog or website is not exposed to the Google Sandbox. But otherwise if it is not indexed or deindex on google search engine by typing site: namadomain.com it has been incorporated into the Sanbox.

Important Note!

Most new sites are included in the Google Sandbox for optimizations that are not reasonable. If a web site will be included in the Sandbox, it usually takes six months to a year to get out and placed in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

With Understanding and Understanding the Google Sandbox effect that caused the loss of a blogger or a webmaster needs to be aware and need to be planned and well constructed website / blog that managed, allowing a new web site to avoid the Google Sandbox.

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  1. Ferry I says:

    Terima kasih atas berbagi ilmunya sob

  2. DataNet says:

    infonya bagus sob..........

  3. happy blessed sunday to you

  4. pernah aku gan terkena sandbox ini
    akhirnya pulih juga meski agak lama menunggu

  5. Mufi_ed says:

    wah, g terbayang klo kena sandbox sob....
    butuh waktu lama bagi saya supaya blog saya muncul lagi ....

  6. Nero says:

    alhamdulilah saya masih belum pernah masuk sandbox

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  13. mudah2an blog saya gak terkena sandbox ini

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