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1. Get Back To Basics

Before we get started here are some promises for you:
Promise # 1 – You will NOT get BS, waffle or off-topic info from me. Time is money and we’re all busy.
Promise # 2 – You will only get advice from me on things that I KNOW work because I have used them myself to increase my AdSense earnings
Promise # 3 – You will only increase your AdSense earnings if you TAKE
Let’s get started..
Get Back To Basics
I love basics. Why bother complicating something that is, in essence, very simple?
To make a ton of money with AdSense there are just 4 things you need to get right:
1. Content
2. Keywords
3. Your ads
4. Traffic

There you go, I said it.
You need to burn those 4 things into your mind. How often do you find yourself wandering off-course when really you should have the above 4 items as your compass? They will guide you to AdSense success.
By focusing on improving each of the above 4 areas I now make over $19,000 per month with AdSense.

2. Big Content Mistakes

Content – the first of the four areas you need to master to start raking in AdSense  cash.
Did your Mother ever tell you that ‘everything in moderation is okay’? Well, she was an AdSense genius that woman!
There is a definite road to disaster with AdSense and it comes by doing too much of one thing.
1. Don’t have a site built purely from your own content.
Why? Because it will take too long to grow lots of pages. Although unique, quality content is the bees knees if you ignore other sources of content you are, to quote the cheese-gurus, ‘leaving money on the table’.
2. Don’t have a site built purely from other people’s content.
Why? Because you’ll have little that’s unique on your site. Every man and his dog tries to borrow other people’s content and use content that already existselsewhere. But that doesn’t make it right: “If you do what everybody else does, you’ll get what everybody else gets.” Search engines can frown on duplicate content so if you use sources of content that are not unique you’ll need to do things to make those pages unique. But the best plan is not build a site entirely from other people’s content
3. Don’t have a site built purely of ’synthesized’ content.
Why? Because using fancy article-crawling-machines and other ‘automatic content machines’ will backfire on you  eventually. It might make you some revenue in the short-term but it’s like trying to build a house with bricks but no
mortar. Sure – it’s WAY quicker, but I know which house I’d rather live in and which one is still going to be there in a year’s time.

3. How To Harness The Power of Keywords

I want to talk to you about keywords. I’ll be honest – there’s an enormous amount of cr*p around to do with using keywords to get higher AdSense earnings so I’m going to set the record straight. What Keywords Can And Can’t Do
When I first started using AdSense (remember I was pulling in a poxy $2 per day) I shunned the high paying keyword lists you see everywhere. I thought they were a scam. The thing is – although there are some low-quality ones out there, if you do the research (and BELIEVE me, I’ve done that alright) then you can find lists that are worth TEN TIMES more than people charge for them. So how does it all work?
Well, quite simply, what you get paid by Google is determined by how much advertisers are willing to pay, per click, for any given phrase. To get paid more you need to focus on the higher paying phrases so that, on average, you will get
paid more per click. Is it really that simple?
Well, not quite. You also need to take into account that just because a certain phrase pays well doesn’t mean that you can get a good search engine ranking for it or that you can attract any people to your pages who are interested in it.
Should I go after high paying phrases regardless of topic?
No siree! This is another big no-no. Don’t jump on the bandwagon unless the phrase is related to what your website is about and more importantly:
Did I just use the word ‘passion’ in an Ebook about AdSense? You bet I did!! If you’re not passionate about the chosen theme of your website then this will come across to your visitors. If you are not passionate about your chosen theme then you will soon tire of putting in the hours to update the site and make those big bucks with AdSense!
In a nutshell – find the best phrases for your theme based on:
• How much they are likely to pay you per click
• What level of competition there is out there for these phrases
• Your chances of attracting good traffic levels for these phrases

4. Don’t Use The Word ‘Ads’ – It’s A Dirty Word

I want to tell you a secret. Don’t tell anyone – unless you want to forward this Ebook onto another website owner you know who would benefit from this advice. ;o)
Here’s the deal;
The best way to boost your AdSense clickthrough rate is to stop thinking of the ads as ads. The moment you do this you start to see the whole thing in a new way.
Think about this logically for a moment. You’re surfing on the Internet and you see something that is unmistakably an ad. What do you do?
a) Rush over to click on the ad because you love those things?
b) Laugh excitedly at the prospect of being taken away from the interesting content you’re reading?
c) Ignore it saying to yourself “that’s an ad”?
It’s c) right? Well I hope it is! But the point is – people hate ads, we’re all suffering from ad-blindness, ad-avoidance and ad-overload. So what if you could make your AdSense ads look less like ads and more like helpful snippets of information?
Woah there Michael! You’re scaring me now, what are you suggesting to me?  All I’m saying is that if you put this theory at the heart of your mission to build a cash-generating AdSense empire you will get there before everyone else.
Alright Michael – how can I do this? Give me some examples!
• Don’t use the standard Google colour scheme, it just screams “I am an ad,  hate me and ignore me!”
• Get a picture in your mind of what the most typical ads look like on the web then create your AdSense ads so that they are exactly the opposite
• Ads are garish creatures that like to be bright, loud and stand out in a crowd. We all know this. So making your AdSense ads exactly the opposite means they can ’sneak under the radar’
• You’ve seen a boxing match right? Where’s all the action? In the middle. In the ring. Where are the ads that are paraded around between rounds?  In the ring – the centre of everyone’s attention. Where’s the ‘action’ on each of your pages? Your ads need to be in the same place. Let’s just be clear about this. I’m not talking about misleading your visitors. I’m just saying that you need to have ads that don’t look like the standard ads people expect to see. Obviously your visitors will still know they are ads because they’ll have the ‘Ads by Google’ text next to them.
This is not about pulling the wool over visitor’s eyes – it’s about creating a browsing experience which makes them feel at ease rather than on edge.

5. How To Turn On A Torrent Of Traffic

“If I had a penny for every time..” Without fail I get it around 5 times a week: “Michael – how do I get top of the search engines?” The old classic. This is not a question that can be answered in one Ebook! Which is exactly the reason why I’m going to do just that! I love a challenge! Fasten your seatbelts..
Step 1 – Stuff the search engines
Search engines PROVIDE traffic but they are just one source. Don’t let people convince you that they are the be all and end all. I know several guys online who are turning 6 figures a year and they don’t do any search engine optimization at
all. So, okay, maybe not ’stuff the search engines’ then, but certainly appreciate that they are not the only way.
Step 2 – Get loads of great content
That’s the cool thing about the web. It’s a supreme leveller. There is no long-term way to BS the search engines.  Ultimately, if you’re going to make it in this game you need lots of quality, unique content. The more pages of content you have, the more key phrases are on your site and the more chances you have of being listed in the search engines.
Step 3 – Get loads of people to link to you
Guess what? If you skipped Step 2 this isn’t going to work! If you don’t have a cool site full of great content then who’s going to want to link to you? In fact, who’s going to want to stay on or even visit your website at all?
Hehe! It’s great the Internet – you just can’t short circuit it or blag your way through, it all comes down to what words you have on your website. You’ve got to love it!
Step 4 – Choose the best phrases to use
Get the best phrases for your site. By that I mean the ones that will get you the most traffic. But not just the highest volumes but the highest quality too. Build content around these key phrases.
Step 5 – Rinse, Repeat See Step 2, 3, and 4 There you go – I did it. How to get top of the search engines in one Ebook. And they said it couldn’t be done! ;o) Well, you know what’s coming now.


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