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Adwords Trick 3 : Exploit the Buzz Factor
Many search terms will be wildly popular but without considerable competition from bidders. This is usually related to “buzz” from news stories or rumors circulating the internet. A hot celebrity name that pops up in the news will command high bid prices, but a story about a rat brain robot will not (true news story that was all over the AP last month). The reason? Nobody else sees any value in bidding on a term like rat brain robot. Yet, millions of people were searching for it. Visit these sites to find out what’s hot right now: Google Zeitgeist, Yahoo Buzz Index, Google Search Keyword Trends, Lycos Top 50 Look for keywords that are producing a lot of traffic but wouldn’t seem to hold much bid value for adwords. For example, simply create a landing page related to that search term and promote something on the page, interweaved with the “information” you’re providing about the rat brain robot.
I used this technique a few months ago to exploit the news story about the New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer who was shacking up with high-end prostitutes. Soon as the story hit, I bid like crazy on every keyword related to Elliot Spitzer and the prostitute’s name, the name of the escort agency he used, etc. My ad looked like this
Of course, the Attorney General didn’t go to prison – it was just a ruse to get people to the site. On the landing page I copied some news articles about Spitzer, through some pics of his escort on there, and shamelessly promoted an adult escort agency affiliate program! I made a quick $4,800 in those two days before the keyword terms became too popular to continue. I check the yahoo buzz factor and Google trends every day for potential moneymaker stories and keywords and so should you!
I’ve taught you some of my favorite techniques for making quick, easy money on the Internet. Enough reading, it’s time for you to put these methods into practice. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t put this off. Start right now. Pick a technique from this book that fits your skill level and put it into practice today. Some of the tricks I’ve taught you will earn you commissions within hours if applied correctly.
Most internet marketers make the big mistake of trying to learn so much that they become overwhelmed by all the opportunities available. Instead of focusing on one money-making method, they dabble with dozens of them. This is no good. You need to laser focus on one particular technique, use trial and error and refine your strategy until you make it work, then move on to the next.
One final word of advice … Internet marketing is a ruthless art. Play nice and they’ll eat you alive. In this business, you’re either the fucker or the fuckee. Welcome to the jungle and good luck out there …


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