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Previously I've hinted about the importance of the application of  Best SEO Tips On Page Optimization Method and I will now proceed with discussions with the title of webmaster Site With Google Webmaster Optimization, which is intended to assess and manage the site links as well as optimizations that could do with the way we ought to try. SEO for site architecture and how many Websites are too dependent on the homepage to rank, but what about the intelligence that we can apply at the granular level, therefore the use Google Webmaster Tools site optimization is very important for us to be better for the future.

Actually a lot of other webmasters such as Yahoo or Bing, but this time I will discuss using Google Webmaster Tools, Profit from Google Webmaster Tools is a liberating tool offered by Google, providing webmasters with all the tools we need also optimizing websites for search engines, we can find reports errors encountered on our site, and help in marketing the website myang we manage.

How to Get Started to Use Google Web Master Tols

The first thing you need to get started is an account with Google. If you have a Gmail account then you already have an account. If not, you can only sign up for a Google Account on the Web site only. If we have an account then can log in directly to the site Webmaster and started to configure a website to track.
Google can display the tracking information, you need to verify the ownership of the site. There is a wizard at situs Webmaster Tools that walks you through the process of verifying ownership. Among several different verification methods, one simple way is to download a simple HTML file and then upload it kedirektori root for your web site. It will have unique file names that look. Use an FTP client like File Zilla to upload this small file to your server and verify you are done. This may take as long as 24 hours before you see the tracking information appears in Webmaster Tools, or can also use the meta tage if meungkinkan for convenience we.

Search Query
This page contains a list of actual search queries run on Google's search engine where your site appears in the results. This important report will tell you how many times the results are shown for the query (impressions) and how many times users click on your result (click throughs).

This is truly organic search engine marketing, has a unique and good quality content on the site will attract lots of visitors and backlinks. What's more is to get a backlink to your page, and the higher the page rank for. And when the page rank higher, appear nearer the top of search results for relevant terms contained on the pages of our site.

Link to Web Page

This report shows all the backlinks to our website. This is a link back to your site by Google. Each search engine uses different algorithms to determine how many backlinks to your site. Google's famous for rejecting a large number of backlinks if they feel that the link is paid or traded only for the purpose of increasing page rank.

key words

Report of a keyword that actually gives a sharp insight into the way that webmasters Google views your web site. This will tell you the keywords that dominates all the content pages on your website. Additionally, you can view a detailed report that tells you the contents page which has the strongest ranking for each keyword. For each page to see how many times a keyword occurs on every page.

Internal Link

Internal links provide a summary of how the internal linked pages. Internal links are links from one page to another within the same website. Google uses this type of link to determine the relative importance of pages within a site. Links of this type can not be used to improve the page rank web pages, just to show how important these values ​​are relative to the webmasters of other pages.


Sometimes, a website was hacked by a malicious individual, so it's your responsibility as a webmaster to ensure that the hacker is stopped, or at least, every malware is placed on your site removed quickly. Malware report will display a list of pages with malware and it probably happens. You should check this report on a regular basis to ensure that your website is clean.

Crawl Errors

Crawl error reports showing an error on Google's spiders encountered when trying to read web pages on your site. This page is important to identify errors on your site. Sometimes, an error on this page will be as simple as the problem of timeout means the page takes too long to load. If you see errors on the Server.

Crawl Stats

Crawl statistics report gives you some useful graphs that show you how the Google spider visits your site often. For popular sites, the spider will visit every day. Google has a very powerful search spider that has no problem visiting the hundreds of millions of websites every day. You can combine the sitemap to the site to show how the Google spider the content on your site should be indexed.

HTML Sugesstions 

Suggested HTML report lists the issues that can affect your search engine rankings. Webmasters should consider this report very well, because all the information here is specifically designed to help improve your site rank better. This will not only help your search engine rankings on Google, but with all the other search engines as well.

It provides information such as "duplicate meta description" and "Short Meta Description." Webmasters should also use the W3C Validation Service that will check the HTML markup and CSS for non-standard or errors that might cause problems with search engines. Search spiders like the markup clean and standards for well-formed.

Site Map 
A sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs of all content on a website that should be crawled and indexed by search engines. They not only list all URLs that may be available to be indexed, but they also include information such as when the file was last modified, how often you expect the web page should be changed and a priority which indicates the importance of pages throughout the site.

Webmaster Tools will tell you how much of the URL and the Site Map has been filed and also how much has been included in the index (the Google search engine). If there are errors with the site map, this will be displayed as well.

Crawler Access 

Using a crawler access functions, you can see and test the robots.txt file (which does not include certain content from search engines). There is also a tool to generate robots.txt file that uses user-defined exclusion rules. Another important tool is the delete URL feature that allows webmasters to request a page was forcibly removed from the Google search engine.


If your site is deemed worthy enough, Google will generate the website link below the search results, this is a link kesub areas on your site that is very popular with users. Because links are automatically, then it can not determine the site link by itself, but we can request that the website link removed if Google uses an algorithm mistakenly select the sub-region who do not want displayed to the user in the search results.

The conclusion of all the discussions that I described  

When using Google Webmaster Tools, make sure to read the help documentation carefully. This will give us much more detailed information on how to optimize the site for both search engines and visitors. There are a lot of information that is critical to an understanding of running a website and even more important is promoting your business site or Mant. Okay till here the explanation Site Optimization Using Google Webmaster, may be useful for all readers.

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