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World Blog Optimization will discuss the optimization SEO SEO Tips Best Ways On Page Optimization, before this discussion you should be read first in my previous article is The Basics About Opimasi, because the role is very important for all owners of the site as a step to toward success, World Optimization will explain it all to hopefully accurate practiced. What should we do to take action on the page optimization, on page SEO requires a certain kind of wisdom and the elements on each page to make it look and embedded in the correct code, so it can help search engines understand the content of the page, and how are related with the theme of the website.

Opportunities for search engines to understand the page: 

  • Title tag
Page title tag provides search engines with useful information about the contents page. The title tag must be unique from all the title tags in the website. Relevancy is based on semantics in an elliptical fashion. Hallmark: Simple and concise.
  • URL: Permalink
URL structure should follow the guidelines listed in the Subject II: URL and redirect.
  •  Heading tag
Heading tags Provides search engine with useful information about how the document is structured. There are several types of heading tags depending on the construction of web pages, and content management system / shopping cart to serve web pages when applicable. The most important of all the heading tags are the tags <h1>, which is placed near the top of the page.
  •  Co-occurrence: Best Practice
Title tags, URL: Permalink and tagged all of the Post should have set semantics the same keyword.ContentsCritical content for search engines. In general, at least 400 words of unique content that is required to provide a significant opportunity to rank pages in search engine results pages. Content should be keyword dense, to 3-5%, and should strengthen the title tag, URL: Permalink and Heading tags on the page.
  •  Internal Anchor Text
Links pointing to a page of search engines provides an opportunity for a better understanding of the reputation for that page. Anchor text, or text via hyperlinks made, is a mode to understand that reputation.
  •  Internal Alt text
Anchor text alt text of an image. Using a concise and descriptive alt text for images throughout the website will help search engines know more about the content inside. All images must have relevant anchor text, even a company logo.
  •  Internal linking: Best Practices
Link created on the page should support the co-occurrence for the purpose specified page using the alt text or anchor text. The more internal links created in a website, the easier it is for search engines to reach more content in your site. Also, building a better relationship will enhance the reputation for every single page within a website. The number of potential links on one web page depends on the amount of content on the page. Less than 50 links are considered Best Practices.Each link must be made the target of canonical page to prevent 404s and consolidate the reputation.
  •  Image file name
Make each page unique as possible is important. When a picture is drawn into a web page, either locally or through parallelization, it is better to have a different image file name. Doing so further supports the uniqueness of the page.
  •  Privacy Policy
Google's goal is to provide users with a website can be trusted. Privacy policy required any time a Web site collects information, and is an indicator of confidence for the search engines. Footer link to the privacy policy is considered best practice.
Ok till here first discussion of the Best SEO Tips On Page Optimization Method, when there are errors or you want to add sesuati things related to SEO Optimization, please leave your comments, so we can improve or develop further. okay hopefully useful and I wish to thank to all the readers and greetings ukhuwah  my brother.

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