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Here are some optimization tips to get the best out of adsense for your site.
1. Do not mix advertising - Many people say that should blend adsense ads, but I think this will not work properly, most of the time the ad is clicked by a visitor first and of course you want to get the best out of them for not mixing the ad. If a light background, use dark colors, if the background is dark, use light colors on the adsense ads you have.
2. Use a block of Big Ad Unit - a large ad unit block always perform better with a smaller ad units. If you look at the best performing ad units, it will find that 336 × 280 is the best adsense units are problematic.
3. Use colors that stand out - There are some colors that stand out and often enarik reader's attention, then use it. Standard code adsense is good enough for a site that white background and small graphics so you can stick to it, but can try to experiment with different titles and colors. The color combo is a good site to be able to choose to find the html code of many colors.
4. Do not use the border - you should not use a border on the ads because they are separating advertising from content which reduces the number of clicks.
5. Attach ads above the fold so that readers see them first - Always look to put ads above the fold, in the format of F because this is what the heat map shows about how people read.
6. Use the adsense section targeting - Learn to use Adsense targeting to get rid of irrelevant ads that triggered by the contents of the footer or sidebar.
7. Do not use too many ads - too many ads can increase CTR eCPM but often result in reducing the sense of less productive, so avoid using too many ads.
8. The use of text ads - and this is more professional and better than image ads that are used by people to branding. Also on text-based sites like blogs, image ads do not look so good.
9. Use Google Analytics - to track the pages that are doing well and find out why and how - if you still have not connected your accountadsense with google analytics account. 10. Change the location of ads every now and then - you can change the location of ads every now and then to give a fresh look to your site and your readers to avoid getting blind ad.
11. Show different ads for different users - If you have a membership site like a forum that you should pay attention to fewer ads for registered members because they would not like to see lots of ads and regular visitors also get your buta.Jika ads using wordpress This is a very good plugin to control who sees your ads.
12. If you get the eCPM is very low - you can even remove the ads for some time or use an account - It is often stated that if you are getting smartpriced, you can remove the google ads for some time and can even see an ad on your site (using channel to keep track of income).
13. Seeing other people how they do it - Look at other successful sites that make money in adsense and ad copy ad formats and placements.
14. Use Adsense search on every page - this is very important to give the impression that relefan and good.
15. Continue to experiment - to get the best yanfg ad formats, colors best, the best location. Whenever you get spare time, just these things just a little tweak and do not forget to track the results. You can also see adsense success stories for further reading on other site

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