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Could write a whole book about Adwords but I’m just going to pass on a few of the dirtiest tricks I use to cash in on the Google phenomenon. Beating Adwords is tricky and requires a budget for lots of trial and error. You’ll also need a good supply of prepaid credit cards because using these techniques will likely get your account banned!

Adwords Trick 1 : Classic Bait & Switch
Adwords doesn’t allow porn anymore (well, it takes days of jumping through hoops to get an ad approved, rendering it useless). Still, it’s easy to drive traffic to a porn affiliate site using Adwords. I just create innocent-looking ads for car websites, hunting websites, sports websites, etc. Note that these are MALE TARGETED. We don’t want chicks clicking on our ads and going to a porn site. Here’s an example of an ad I used just last week:
I downloaded some text about crossbows from the web and threw up a cheesy little website for a landing page, took 5 minutes. Then I went into my adwords account and bid on related keywords like “crossbows, hunting, hunting supplies”, etc. And I got a very good deal on those keywords since they aren’t super popular. The ad was approved immediately. Now for the tricky part. I went to Moniker and set URL forwarding to redirect the domain www.bestcrossbowsales.com to a porn affiliate site (LiveJasmin.com). Bing, bang, boom! Surfers see my adwords ad, click on it, get redirected to a porn site where I get a commission from whatever they buy. Google can’t do anything about it because the changes were made SERVER-SIDE at moniker, rather than through my adwords account (which might require approval, delays, or review).
This particular ad didn’t generate a ton of traffic, only a few hundred clicks a day, but the ROI was very good and it made me about $20/day profit for the week that I ran it. Now you won’t be buying any Lamborghinis with twenty bucks a day, but imagine if you ran 10 of these ads every day. That’s $200/day. What if you ran 100 of these ads? It’s a highly scalable system.
Adwords Trick 2 : Terrorize
Internet surfers get ripped off all the time – that’s a fact of life. You can exploit this fear. Create an adwords campaign targeting a product or brand, label it a scam (create fear), then redirect the surfer to a “legitimate” brand (create trust). I love to do this with dating sites but it works with any well-known brand. Here’s an example of a recent campaign targeting Adult Friend Finder:
I created a quick & easy little landing page for my domain BabylonLove.com. It was just a free template with some bullshit like … “AFF scammed me … then I tried AmateurMatch and I hooked up with a girl right away”
I really like to do this with adult dating sites because all the pay dating sites are scams (the myth that millions of hot girls log on every day looking to hook up with a random stranger is mind-numbingly absurd). Therefore, lots of guys have been burned by dating sites and before joining a new one they’re likely to Google:
Adult friend finder scam / adult friend finder ripoff
Targeting those keywords and confirming their suspicions, then sending them to a “real” dating site based on your “personal experience” is a devilishly profitable exploit. You can target any big adult dating site such as AmateurMatch, Fling, Singlesnet, etc.


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